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Power Steering Pumps

Power steering malfunctions can be a scary experience. Power steering pump failures can be dangerous, since they directly affect a driver’s ability to control the car. Almost every car or truck manufactured today is equipped with power steering.

Power steering reduces the amount of effort required to turn the vehicle, especially at very low speeds.  One of the most common issues with power steering systems is failure of the power steering pump.  The power steering pump assists the driver’s steering efforts by pressurizing the fluid in the system and distributing it throughout the power steering system, which is engineered to require very little effort from the driver when attempting to steer the vehicle.

Common symptoms of power steering pump failure can be ‘stiff’ or difficulty steering, fluid leaks, or ‘whining’ noises when turning the steering wheel while driving.  If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it is critical that your vehicle’s power steering system be diagnosed by a trained professional at West Michigan Transmissions as soon as possible.

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