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Rack and Pinion Replacement

The rack and pinion unit is the central component of the power steering system in your vehicle.  Rack and pinion steering is the most commonly used steering component by manufacturers, due to its reliability and steering feedback response.

Similar to the steering gearbox, the rack and pinion unit connects directly to the steering wheel and subsequently connects to the steering knuckle in your vehicle by tie rod ends.  Also similar to to the steering gearbox, the most common failures are fluid leaks and ‘binding’ conditions which cause steering and handling difficulties.

Rack and Pinion replacement is a complicated process and should only be diagnosed and serviced by experienced professionals.  If you feel like your vehicle could possibly have malfunctions related to your power steering system, contact West Michigan Transmissions at 616.534.7767 or email using the form below today to schedule an appointment with one of our ASE certified technicians.  Also, be sure to join our mailing list for exclusive deals and automotive tips!

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