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Drive Shaft Repair & Rebalancing

Grand Rapids Driveshaft RepairThe drive shaft delivers the power from the transmission or transfer case to the differentials.Overtime, drive shaft repair and rebalancing is required to keep your vehicle at optimum performance. The experts at West Michigan Transmissions can determine which repair your driveshaft needs and offer the proper solution.

  • Rear wheel drive vehicles have one drive shaft sending power to the rear differential.
  • Four wheel drive vehicles have two drive shafts. The rear drive shaft is always rotating while the vehicle is in motion, powering the rear differential. The front drive shaft rotates to power the front differential only when four wheel drive is engaged.
  • All wheel drive vehicles have two drive shafts that always rotate while the vehicle is in motion.

Each end of the drive shaft has universal or C.V. joints on them to allow power to be transferred smoothly and efficiently in the vehicle. If your vehicle vibrates or rumbles while it is in motion, it may be due to an issue with the drive shaft. A drive shaft with a worn or damaged C.V. joint or universal joint can cause vibrations. A bent or unbalanced drive shaft can also cause vibrations, and left untreated, can cause other damage. If you have a vibration or rumbling, get your vehicle checked out before it leads to further damage and required repairs.

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