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From hatchback and sedan to SUV and truck, no matter what type of vehicle you have, the technicians at West Michigan Transmissions can handle your auto issues with utmost care and conviction. Expect efficient auto inspections and effective diagnosis to get you on the road as soon as possible.


We offer various warranties on our work. Get in touch with us at 616-534-7767 for details

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“In all my years I have never received such courteous and personalized service, from arranging to have my BMW towed to the shop, to delivery of my vehicle when the transmission related problem was resolved. The service was prompt and reasonably priced which earns them my recommendation.”


- Elmars Mateus, Grand Rapids, MI



“I have brought both my Pontiac Bonneville and my German Import to West Michigan Transmission on numerous occasions, and doing business with them is always a positive experience. Mike, Craig and the rest of the team at WMT ALWAYS takes great care of my cars, get the work done on a timely basis and charge a price that is always very fair. If you're anywhere in the Grand Rapids area, I highly recommend West MI Transmissions for your auto repair needs!”


- Mike July, MoxieMen Incorporated



“When I was looking for a shop that I could trust I was turned towards West Michigan Transmissions. Mike and Craig have been the some of the most honest guys I have met. I have had several issues that no one else could figure out what was wrong and after going down to West Michigan Transmissions, talking to them it was figured out. If you are looking for a shop I would look no further, West Michigan Transmissions is what you are looking for.”


- Kyle, VP of the West Michigan Firebird Club



“As owners of a small business, my partner and I are constantly challenged with repair needs for our company vehicles. We've used the services of West Michigan Transmission since 2007. Mike, Craig and the entire team at West Michigan Transmissions have always provided us with quality repairs. Their work exceeds all other companies that we've used for our business. They appreciate that "time is money" and always have a quick turn-around on our repairs. I value their work so much that they also service my family's personal vehicles. I would strongly recommend West Michigan Transmissions without hesitation. Thanks Craig and Mike!”


- Terry Narber, Around the Clock Handiman Services



"Awesome services with great prices. All the mechanics here are very friendly and honest. I could never trust another shop with one of my cars because of how wonderful I've been treated by West Michigan Transmissions."


- Phil DeVries, Grand Rapids, MI



"Mike is such a good person. He has worked on all my cars for about 25 years now. I Jove him like a brother because of the honest person he is. He is never too busy to take in one of my vehicles and return it in a short period of time. There have been occasions where Mike has actually stopped over at my house to fix electrical problems - talk about on call! He is, hands down, the go-to man for any car problems."


- Jerry Trembly, Grand Rapids, MI



"They provide honest work with amazing quality. The men of West Michigan Transmission always back up their previous labor. That's why I wouldn't tell people to go anywhere else but here."


- Brian Smeenge, Grand Rapids, MI



"I came here about eleven years ago by a referral. From day one, West Michigan Transmissions have fixed everything and I have never been anywhere else. There were times when we tried to fix our car problems by ourselves and made them worse. When we brought them back to West Michigan Transmissions, they fixed everything in one day! They show nothing but extreme hospitality. I couldn't have a better group of people to work on my vehicles."


- Karen, Grand Rapids, MI



"Great service. Awesome people. I would never go anywhere else with any major or minor car problem."


- Bill Kamp, Grand Rapids, MI



"High Performance Monster Truck (formerly Little Miss Dangerous) runs West Michigan Transmissions' turbo 400 transmission with 1500 horsepower. No one else in our circuit uses this because their mechanics can't make them last. We get about two to three years of use out of it tool West Michigan Transmissions has been a proud sponsor of us for about eight years now and we are very well pleased with our partnership. People say you can't make a turbo 400 last. Well guess what - they do."


- Jeff Perrin, Grand Rapids, MI



"A second gear stand, by a 10,000-lb truck on top of cars - now that's a great transmission. Racing in a race, she would slam into third gear with no problem. The transmission is what gives power from the motor to the tires. I greatly appreciate West Michigan Transmissions."


- Joslyn, Miss Dangerous, Grand Rapids, MI



"I am an older man who could be very easily taken advantage of. The men at West Michigan Transmissions took my 1993 automobile and brought it back to life. I recommend West Michigan Transmission to anyone who has car troubles. I have never been treated with such dignity before. I have never had such a good feeling with a company. I can honestly say that they are the best."


- Norris Cross, Grand Rapids, MI



"Mike is an awesome guy. I really couldn't say enough about him honestly. If you have a special car - you need a special guy to fix it. That's where the men at West Michigan Transmissions come in. I know that my car is being specifically worked on by Mike himself. He treats all of the hot rod cars like they are his own. I have never once had a problem at this shop - better yet I have never been satisfied completely at any other shop than West Michigan Transmissions."


- Dan Smith, Grand Rapids, MI

Comprehensive auto repair services

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