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Why is My Transmission Light On?

Manual Transmission RepairEvery driver in the world has experienced the unfortunate circumstance of having the ‘check engine‘ light come on in their car or truck.  After all, an illuminated check engine light is pretty much a staple of any performance issue with modern engines, and can be triggered by quite literally hundreds of different reasons.  As we’ve discussed before, when you see your check engine light come on, the best thing to do is bring your vehicle to a reputable repair shop for proper diagnostics.  If you happen to live in the Grand Rapids area, we can think of at least one good one :)

But what if you see your ‘transmission light’ illuminate on your dashboard?  What does that mean?

Like the ‘check engine’ light (often referred to as the ‘service engine soon’ light), the ‘transmission light’ indicates some sort of performance issue within the transmission.  Modern transmissions, like modern engines are equipped with a lot of electrical components including a multitude of sensors designed to monitor the various parts of the transmissions.  These sensors send data back to the on-board computer (often referred to as a PCM, or ECM), and the computer analyzes the information to make operational adjustments, etc.  These sensors can also detect faults within the transmission, and can serve as an early warning system.  Catching problems and addressing them early can potentially prevent more significant malfunctions down the road.

Why does the transmission light come on?

  • The transmission light in your vehicle can come on for quite literally dozens of different reasons.  Here are some of the more common ones:
  • Electrical issues in the transmission;
  • Fluid temperature issues;
  • Torque converter problems;
  • Clutch malfunctions;
  • Shift timing issues;
  • Sensor readings out of range;
  • Sensors not communicating with OBD (On-board diagnostics);
  • Internal mechanical issues;
  • Incorrect gear ratios;
  • Timing or pressure control solenoid issues;
  • And much more!

The reasons a transmission light can appear are plentiful, and some are more serious than others.  But even for the most intermittent of problems, if a vehicle’s transmission light comes on, it is highly advised that you bring your car or truck to a reputable repair facility for proper diagnostics.

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